Helping you protect your family.

  We teach you how to keep dangerous people away, using proven tactics. So, your  family stays protected, everywhere!

Dangerous people might be targeting your family right now.

Every day you hear about it!


You do your best to guard your personal info. Now some company just got hacked and predators have bought it...

Will they steal from you?


Predators use the info to break into accounts, houses, offices, and vehicles daily.  

Or do worse?

rape prevention, kidnapping prevention, personal security

Predators often build profiles on your family for even more sinister reasons. Human trafficking is alive and well.

The police will investigate...


but sometimes the losses are permanent.


Leaving family's shattered.


But it does not have to end that way!

We care about your family's safety and want to help you lock the bad guys out of your life!

We hold certifications in advanced professional security tactics.

We have used these skills to teach hundreds of people. From college students to law enforcement to medical doctors.

Our Philosophy

Families should not have to live unprotected from dangerous people. Evil should not win!

Ready for your first free class?

What we do for you...

We will help you learn and apply elite security tactics to keep your family safe. Most families don't understand 

the various avenues that are open to attack them. We save you from the hassle, time and thousands of dollars by not having to hire security consultants to come in and plan for you. 

We will teach you how to make professional security plans. 

You can learn;  

How to find your weaknesses at home, at school, at work, online and traveling using the same strategies elite organizations use.

You can also learn how to discourage and defend against attackers in these areas.

You can also have access to other courses like;

Understanding civilian use of force law (U.S.)

Pre-identifying violent intent through key indicators

Original Israeli Defense Forces Military Krav Maga (Hand 2 Hand)

Personal IT security

How it works

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Sign up for the free lesson. It's the first lesson and it will give you the roadmap to being secure.

Then we will go in depth


This is where you will learn how to plan and prepare. If you feel you need extra courses to address any areas of concern you have identified. We will have you covered.

You will then understand


How the security professional works with perfect clarity and understand how to close the door on dangerous people and live confident.

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